Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Edge of the Wedge - Severed Heads (1986)

Nooooooooo i've been so bad at blogging 14 year old me would be very disappointed!! I have watched movies but none super worthy of screenshotting or featuring on here. I have been listening to more Severed Heads, at first I really only knew their song Petrol and Lamborghini and every million remix version of it but now i'm obsessed.

Here is an ABC special on them for "Edge of the Wedge," I like when they fuck up the vinyls.


1 9 8 6 (Australia)
ABC TV’s short-lived Edge of the Wedge was a controversial rock and youth affairs programme that screened three times weekly at 6pm from its debut in March 1986 until it was given the chop in October of the same year. The show had an “Australian music only” policy and went out of its way to help young Australian bands. It also tried to raise important youth issues such as accommodation, relationships and drugs in a magazine-style segment each week. The ABC officially axed Edge of the Wedge because it rated badly, but the 6pm time-slot allotted to the show (a time when the majority of viewers stick ferociously to the commercial networks during the prime time news and current affairs hour) meant it could never really survive."