Sunday, September 8, 2019

TWINART's Compilation Consumer's Choice (1984)

I have been very good at watching films, sometimes even two a day this past week but very bad about writing about them! Let's see how this goes. This next film was sent to me by my long time Texas friend Chad/one of the most influential people of my life, it's weird and wonderful in all its own ways much like Chad. This compilation is from NY twin film sisters Ellen and Lynda Kahn. These seem to be promo videos for their film studio all ending with a P.O.Box address on how to purchase some of their work. They are now based in LA and continue to make wacky things. These videos make me wish so badly I had my own studio to be able to film things like this like toothbrushing NY statues and baby toy hand cereal. Hope you enjoy!

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