Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Terrorizers (1986) dir. Edward Yang

The Terrorizers is a Taiwanese 80's film that follows the story of 3 people. Naturally, I was super intrigued by the photographer character at first. They keep showing shots of his dreamy camera collection and romanticizing his life as a photographer who lives inside of a dark room. Photographs are also interspersed throughout his segment using actual photographs and a handheld camera POV while he's shooting. The other character I really enjoyed was the novelist where she's in a relationship where her partner doesn't really seem to get what she's doing or who she even is. At times the film felt slow but because it is shot so beautifully like photographs, it made it to where this couldn't become a background film, not to mention has subtitles. The ending dramatically picks up and really ties the whole movie together with a lot of violence disrupting the mood of the entire film. I feel grateful that I watched this.

It is also surprisingly avail for free to watch on Amazon Prime Video!

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