Monday, September 2, 2019

Welcome Back

Hello everyone who may have come across this page. I am revamping a movie blog I had originally started in high school called "Film a Day" where I spent an entire summer watching - a film a day. This was around the height of Netflix DVD delivery so I was a thrilled 17 year old getting those little worn out DVD slips in the mail. For the days that overlapped i'd go to Blockbuster and rent a movie - ANY movie in order to keep up my daily quota. I checked out the entire horror movie of Blockbuster. That is a true story.

Anyways so here we go at an attempt to bring this back - 10 years later and as a more adult version of myself and taste, although the movies I was watching back then were even more artsy and experimental than what I watch now so it'll also be a way for me to get back in touch with that.

There will be all sorts of things i'll be watching. New movies, old movies, repeats, some of the high school movies I reviewed (maybe i'll add the link to that site someday) shorts, music video selections - who knows. I'll watch whatever I want!

Here we go.

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