Thursday, September 12, 2019

Foxfire (1996) dir. Annette Haywood-Carter

I watched this movie last night as a Amazon Prime recommendation, I didn't get to take as many screenshots since I ordered pizza at 11 PM on a Tuesday like a maniac and had greasy fingers throughout. This movie started off strong and Angelina and all the female characters being so cool was super intriguing. There were some intense moments where I actually screamed at my laptop (standing on a bridge and I hate heights, etc.) but overall sadly the last 2/3 of the movie fell a little flat and it took a weird turn where I see this a lot in angry films where it usually involves women taking a man hostage for revenge but didn't quite grab me in the way I think it was supposed. I feel kind of bad writing this but I guess this "blog" or blog is documentation for things I watch and my overall thoughts.  I was impressed  by the budget of the movie and hope one day I too can set off sprinklers in an entire high school.

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