Saturday, September 21, 2019

Asparagus (1979) dir. Suzan Pitt

I'm honored I was a student at a time when Suzan Pitt was part of our CalArts faculty. The first day I arrived to CalArts I signed up for a one on one meeting with her. She was a huge reason why I applied. It's hard to watch this film and not obsess over the technicalities the entire time. The cel painting on the multi-plane makes you wonder how many layers were used and the amount of time the cel animation painting took especially on the shaded areas all shot on 35mm. The stop-motion scene on the theater scene blows my mind every time knowing Suzan had crawled through the stage to animate the puppets. This film finally made it into the Criterion but also most importantly onto YOUTUBE!!! So you can finally watch it online. I guess i'm skipping over the entire narrative, asparagus is sexualized in this poem of a film and since it has no dialogue I take it for the viewer to interpret it in their own ways.

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