Sunday, September 29, 2019

Haunted House of Horror (1969) dir. Michael Armstrong

I saw this movie once in high school and still think about it all the time mostly for the fashion. At the time I was listening to a lot of Poppy Family and this is one of the most mod London fashion horror films I can think of.  The story and entire film really reminded me of a lot of 60's movies like this where I find that the fashion and aesthetic help carry the film more than the story itself (which i'm okay with most of the time.) The story follows a group of the hip-EST mods in London who are bored at a party that end up in a haunted house that eventually takes them all down or tries to. I still can't figure out if I should include spoilers in this I also don't think anyone reads these LOL

This movie is avail for free on YouTube!

Monday, September 23, 2019

Lollipop Monster (2011) dir. Ziska Riemann

I watched this movie for the first time at The New Beverly during a German film festival on the worst date of my life but luckily that didn't stop me from fully enjoying it. I rewatched this movie for research and luckily found it online. It is about two angry punk girls who seek revenge on...MEN. Both face family trouble, one more severe than the other but nonetheless are both living fucked up lives that come together. I remember during the Q&A the director (this being her first feature) mentioning it was important to hand over the 8mm camera to the girls so it would be totally from their POV.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Stalker (1979) dir. Andrei Tarkovsky

I started crying in the middle of the movie when the camera goes through the car window. That is as descriptive as I can get without spoiling too much although this entire blog is going to have spoilers. I had never seen Stalker but had seen his other films and watching all 3 hours of this on a Sunday felt like the good ol' film school days when I would watch films at the film library and had my own special couch where i'd take my shoes off, bring in my lunch tray, and watch all the rarities the school had to offer. Stalker is about a man or "Stalker" who takes two visitors into an area known as The Zone which is government protected and said to have magical powers. I had no idea how sci-fi this movie was. It is long and slow. I enjoyed the adventure of the Russian scenery and also was surprised by the power plant scene. How did they shoot next to a power plant? and then remembered that was the location that eventually gave Tarkovsky and the crew cancer which killed them. Then I went in a deep daydream about film shoots killing you. I LOVED the sand room. And final scene.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Asparagus (1979) dir. Suzan Pitt

I'm honored I was a student at a time when Suzan Pitt was part of our CalArts faculty. The first day I arrived to CalArts I signed up for a one on one meeting with her. She was a huge reason why I applied. It's hard to watch this film and not obsess over the technicalities the entire time. The cel painting on the multi-plane makes you wonder how many layers were used and the amount of time the cel animation painting took especially on the shaded areas all shot on 35mm. The stop-motion scene on the theater scene blows my mind every time knowing Suzan had crawled through the stage to animate the puppets. This film finally made it into the Criterion but also most importantly onto YOUTUBE!!! So you can finally watch it online. I guess i'm skipping over the entire narrative, asparagus is sexualized in this poem of a film and since it has no dialogue I take it for the viewer to interpret it in their own ways.

Welcome to the Dollhouse (1995) dir. Todd Solondz

OH MY GOD I forgot how much I love this movie. I saw this when I was in the 8th grade and loved Dawn so much. Her outfits are iconic and the way Todd Solondz captures her pain is so spot on to feeling misunderstood. I rewatched this because my friend told me Todd is his NYU screenwriting teacher which I am super jealous about so I had to get a refresher. He is one of my all time favorite directors and this movie is perfection. The script is hilarious and all the actors make you want to search what they've been up to. I completely forgot about the kidnapping scene which picked up the whole film all over.