Saturday, September 7, 2019

JAWLINE (2019) dir. Liza Mandelup


I wanted the first film on my BLOG to be extra special so I've chosen my friend Liza's debut feature film, Jawline. I can write about this film more than others since I saw it theaters with a q and a plus have known Liza's for years. She spent 4 years on this film and it wasn't until I saw it at the screening I realized I hadn't seen her out in public in maybe 5 years. This idea originated from her short film Fangirl which interviews the female side of fans who follow social media boys which would eventually lead to Jawline. Jawline is a hilarious dark documentary following the story of teen Austyn from TN who has a following doing live-broadcasting - which is basically live streaming and having primarily a fan base of teen girls who get a chance to talk to a cute boy behind a screen and either worship him like a religious God or look up to him like a big brother. The majority of these girls get bullied at school and spend their money at meet and greets for a chance to take pics and see these boys irl. My description only scratches the surfaces but this is a high rec from me and have seen it 3 times. It is available on hulu!!!

All of Liza's short docs are incredible and I highly rec watching them because she is a creative genius.

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